May 31, 2012

Times are a changin'
My dear Saturn Returners, we are moving onwards and upwards. As you can probably tell there hasn't been much action on this blog lately, but it is now moving and merging with Love Your Saturn Return. There will be lots more going on there!

So why don't you come on over and leave a comment, or else submit your story - either way let's get the Saturn Return discussion heated up again.

Saturn Return in Libra will be over in October 2012 - that's in just over 4 months! Depending what else is going on in your chart, that will be the end of your dose of Saturn for quite a few years. If you are a Scorpio, however, you will have Saturn going over all of your Scorpio planets when Saturn enters Scorpio in October. Please don't fear it, you are just undergoing an important transformation and will create much more structure in your life so that you have a stronger foundation in order to do what you came here to do.

This blog will be winding down and closing up - so come on over to for more Saturn Return discussions...see you there.

x Harmonia

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  1. Hi there,
    I am 29 & under the effect of Saturn's return in libra---which I've read would be for me for only one month (? how normal/exceptional is this one-month duration?).
    I am contemplating the six year relationship I've been in, and how to set about doing what I feel I need and want in my in most--- not without exhausting my inner resources and 'plodding along' like molasses in the winter-time (a phrase used by my old man, who is a plumber) in effect.
    My GIrlfriend and I have attained a fine quality of togetherness--- though I go through significant emotional labor to accept that she can't always reciprocate my projections. We have a familia and agape vibe going strong but lagging a bit in the eros aspect. I find myself not being able to get it on with her in a serious way: the absence of sexual passion may be a staple in the function of our durability, however. Does saturn bid I be docile? play down my fierceness of my libidinal striving?
    I think I may just need another friend with which to talk, reciprocate energies, another soul mate kind of deal. I don't know.
    We are very monogamous and individualistic. Like romeo and juliet/ tristan and isolde. I believe we want to start a family and be like village people in a community of like mind-hearted, passionate gentle people.
    I appreciate how stoic/deadpan/non reactive she is, when I stand back from such situations. But at times frustration seizes me in the heat of the moment and I have to accept that 'we' doesn't support my passion for the gab.
    COUld we become more compatible?
    OUr social life is slow, but our interior life, our minds and living space are a hot-bed of potential: for art, crafts, songwriting, nutrition and agriculture. Is this real? or is it just a bunch of hot air?
    WHat Do you think? maybe the transition of saturn to the fourth house will teeter our lives toward a hearth, a stable sanctuary in which to host gatherings, getogethers, workshops, retreats and the like... (he/me: dec.6th 9pm 1982 //she: march 2nd 12pm 1987 )

    Thanks for running this site:) I can't wait to read/hear more from others on this tantalizing and challenging subject.

  2. Hi Helix, welcome! Hope you will come over to to continue this discussion!

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