November 22, 2010

Saturn Return in Libra - How are you Peeps??

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Any Saturn Return in Libra initiates out there dying for a place to spill your heart out?

Any stories of woe? Soulmating? Divorce? Angst? Life-changing circumstances? Career craziness?

Everyone survive the Venus Retrograde in Scorpio?

How are you?


  1. Yes Saturn has been scratching the surface of Libra back and forth for some time now. Having natal Sun/Mercury/Jupiter/Uranus in Libra, this has not been the most pleasant experience : health issues (surgery); also deeply buried love from the past has resurfaced and is slowly pulsating through the soul. I live this Saturn return like the need to live the bare necessary things and only these ones. All the rest feels boring.

  2. I am 28.5 and my Saturn Return has just started. I'm a Sun Gemini with Solar Saturn in the 5th house till 2012 and Natal Saturn in the 6th house (apparently it's the most comfortable house for Saturn to be in)...Plus Saturn is exalted in Libra, so i'm hoping it won't be too traumatic... I feel like it started 6 months ago though... I do want stability in some areas of my life like home/apartment (i've travelled a lot), plus I left my corporate career in mid-2008 to pursue an artistic career - but i've not had a breakthrough yet & i'm really worries about that. But Solar Saturn in the 5th says i'm on the right track as long as I work REALLY HARD, ALL THE TIME and not slack off ever. The big for me I think will be relationships...I've moved around so much i've never settled with anyone, could never commit, even for 6 months. Natal Saturn Return in Libra in the 6th house I think means that I will have to COMPROMISE and be less independent - it might force me to shack up with a guy and have daily sex :) 6th house is all about daily work & routines..... so some good might come out of it. The guy could be a generation older or younger I am told...

  3. I turned 29 last month and Saturn has been kicking my butt. I feel lost, insecure, and weak. Trying to find a path or direction in life, although I'm engaged I feel like everything's so up in the air. I just want stability and confidence.

  4. Hi All. Sorry for the late response, I have Saturn going over my Libra planets and have been wading through lots of mud including big health problems.

    @Smartalmanac - I am having health issues too but from my experience Saturn isn't creating them it is merely bringing up deep buried health issues that haven't been dealt with yet. I try to view this positively.

    @Anonymous - I think you have a really good handle on Saturn in the 5th house. With the 6th house influence you might finally create a healthy diet and lifestyle for yourself. Your blood sugar balance might benefit if you watched your sugar intake. Careful not to burn out!

    @hello - Please don't feel alone. Many 29 year olds have felt exactly the same way! It is a phase you are going through and a necessary one. You are transitioning between the drama of the past and the stability of the future.

  5. I have been going through a lot of changes...I have changed careers last year, and it's definitely the right path for me. I am also expecting my first child, so about saying goodbye to myself being a child. I must become a parent now...being a Leo, it's a big deal for me. Most of the drama is in friendships...I lost a best friend this year and for the past few days it seems like I will lose my other best friend. Deep realizations with regards to those relationships have come to the surface. My Saturn return will be exact on Jan. 11, 2011. For a year now I have dreaded that date. Now I realize that Saturn is not my enemy, but my friend.

  6. I think you have a wonderful perspective K2. Saturn is your friend and only takes things away which are not right for you.

  7. I've got my sun in Saggitarius, so I jumped on the opportunity to travel half-way around the world with my love of 2 years. When I got there and we moved in together, it became clear really quickly that this relationship was way out of balance and that I was not going to be happy in the long-term. I felt like I was constantly sacrificing myself in the relationship and had become so down on myself because he was always down on me. When he moved again, half-way across the world, I was able to say no thanks, let's part ways and live our seperate lives. This all happened right in line with my saturn returns (we split just a month before my 29th birthday). Unfortunately, the split was not amicable, but I know it is still for the best. Now, I am slowly starting to date again and I feel so much more in tune with what I really want in a relationship. I won't be putting up with any relationships that are way out of balance or aren't mutually beneficial. And I want to find someone who is really mature, grounded, open-minded and spiritual, gentle and compassionate. If I can't find that (or if I start to feel consistently uncomfortable in the relationship), I will move on. I would rather be alone than in another relationship where I am miserable. And I have faith that someday, I will find a match who is willing to meet me on the same page....even if it doesn't happen as quickly as I hope!

    The change in relationship has really chancged my living situation as well. Now I am living with a good girl-friend (we left our relationship at the same time....she's going through her saturn returns, too, and she's a Sag as well!) and enjoying it. We are still working to get our place set up, but the move has been positive.

    Career wise, not a lot has changed. I have been working in the arts for the last several years. I've kept at it and have been working my butt off non-stop. But I feel so much happier than when I was working a 9-5! I am realizing that I can make it work if I keep working hard, also realizing that I have lined things up well and don't seem to have to stress about making ends meet as much. The only thing I need to figure out is how to have a balanced social life. I'm so nose to the grind-stone all the time that sometimes I can go for a month without seeing many of my friends. I think it's going to be a big challenge for me to figure out how to keep working in the arts, start making enough that I can actually save (has not happened yet) and how to have a healthy social life, too. Thankfully, I work around people a lot, so that fulfills some of my social need, but I really want to get this worked out this year! Sometimes, I think I should give up and get a 9-5 again, but then I remember how trapped and restless I felt and I would still rather work my butt off and be happy doing it...I hope I can resolve these issues during my saturn returns.

  8. Thanks for the great story Anon.

    I am sure many people can relate. You sound like you have made the right decisions, especially during this time of Saturn in Libra concerning balance in relationships.

  9. It seems that Saturn was finishing his tour in my sign, Libra, when I was born (1982). I am finding my Saturn return bittersweet to say the least. In the last year, I have moved to another part of the country, changed jobs, and started a new relationship. Great and not so great things have gone along with most of this. However, I do feel like I am finally building a foundation and seeing clearly what I really want for my life and being able to identify values, ideals and directions that are actually important to me. But it isn't easy. At all. The hardest part is the insecurity and having to see some things about myself honestly for the first time. Again, for the good and bad. Please tell me it gets better!

  10. Mmm that story sounds so familiar! Don't worry you are not alone in your experience, and YES it gets better, and you will be a brand new shiny soul initiate.

  11. My Saturn return seems to have started in December 2010 and it truly was a very difficult time, as in February I've lost my Dad and many problems regarding money I had to be the grown up and deal with them. I also ended a long term love/hate relationship during this time and tried to start a new one...which did not go so well. So I had to make a lot of difficult decisions and truly learn how to deal with life by myself....and that is no easy job. I sometimes wonder what keeps me going...maybe it's Jupiter or just me learning to trust myself and my power to keep the faith that good things have to come my way after all this crazy year. So I hope Saturn will be kinder in these other 3 months, until the Saturn return is complete.

  12. i think that i am in the middle of my saturn return right now. it started a year ago and escalated this year. got laid off a job and a major long term relationship ended at the same time. i have felt not myself and completely lost in the past years and i feel like ive been shaken up and told to get myself together again.i packed up my whole life and moved across the country to a new city wc is typical of a saturn return as well. it has been challenging and tough and i am still in the process of figuring out how to be myself again and get my footing in life. it has been so painful and hard but i feel like i am going the right way for once in a very long time. hopefully it ends soon, this saturn return.

  13. Hi,
    I'm a Libran experiencing an extended visit from Saturn from October 2009-October 2012. October 2012 will also mark my 28th birthday. Does this mean I'm in for a double dose of Saturn's lessons?

  14. I wouldn't call it a double dose, just a concentrated dose. And trust me afterwards you will be grateful that you went through the experience as you are improving and fine tuning your life in order to get on with what it is you came here to do, even if you can't see it now.

    Bring more Balance into your life, and you will reap a harvest of roses.

  15. From Anon on 16th July...Thank you for your encouraging input :)

  16. Hi Astro Harmonia,

    I’m a 29 year old with Libra in Saturn. I mysteriously came across a website earlier this year about the return of Saturn. I’ve never heard anything about the return of Saturn but once I read what it meant, everything that had and was transpiring in my life all of a sudden made sense. I ended a five year relationship this year it was an extremely difficult and painful thing to do, it still is. I knew that I had to end it because it was a very imbalanced relationship.

    I also decided to go back to school to change my career. There are so many growth opportunities in my current career but it’s not fulfilling or rewarding. I moved out of my apartment after being a bachelorette for six years with my sister and her family because I didn’t know what path I wanted to take. I’ve been having this strong pulling force to relocate far away from my home state. A few doors have started to open to make that possible but it frightens me because I would have to basically start my life over in a place where I’ll be all alone.
    The days of loneliness are unbearable; I just don’t know how long I can endure it. I am a strong person but this is truly a struggle. I desire true commitment, love and companionship but it seems so far away and out of reach. If I never learned about Saturn return I would think that I was going insane.

    Any words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated!

  17. I have Saturn in Libra also, and when I went through my first Saturn return I broke off with someone with whom I had an intense relationship. There was so much good in it, but the abusive side of it was just too much and I had to face it and I had to leave him. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done and it took a year or more before I could "thank" myself for it.

    I am now 58 years old and just entering my second return. The main thing I am letting go of this time is my physical procrastination (in re regular exercise) and also have gone on a diet that most of my life I would never consider because it is so "strict." However, I know what the alternative would be for me on a physical level of lost health and that if I were not doing both these things (regular exercise and the strict (organic and mostly raw) diet (which is even strict among those who are raw foodists, but I won't go into that right now) -- I know that I would become an invalid and crippled.

    Without knowing about Saturn returns, I just last week began to try to get hold of my true love who disappeared from my life over ten years ago. He too is going through his second Saturn return; I pray that Saturn will bring him back to me -- but if it does not, I also know that I must keep on keeping on and that the love I have missed in this life thus far on a romantic level will come -- someday!!

    My first Saturn return was VERY heavy for me; a change in location, relationships, career, beliefs -- just about everything. It's OK though. Hang onto your True Self -- and your seatbelt -- and I will too: I have a feeling we are in for QUITE a ride...!!!

  18. I am curious if it is possible to feel the effects of Saturn return before it is officially in the same natal position. A few times now, over the last year, people have mentioned to me that my Saturn was returning. It is not officially in the same position yet, but I feel the effects of it for sure. I have been questioning everything in my life, at times, it has felt really challenging - but with positivity and luck on my side with a Sag sun, I manage to still have fun.

    It still feels like a struggle, and all through the day I am telling myself that I am blessed to be here, and to have these challenges. I feel like I am getting a head-start on my Saturn returning to Scorpio. I wonder if anyone else is experiencing anything similar, mainly because I feel lonely, and would appreciate not feeling so alone on this. It feels difficult, yet I also feel grateful for this newfound questioning of my life path and goals.

  19. Yes, the outer planet cycles do start a while before the actual hit. They are slow-moving, long cycles. Don't feel alone, many people go through the same thing, and we are all one.

    You must be around 27 years old and you are having a progressed lunar return, when your progressed moon comes around to conjunct your natal moon, just before your saturn return starts. A kind of cosmic 'reset' button, if you've been offtrack or need to get on with whatever it is you came to earth to do.

    After the adjustment period, you will see that this is a blessing, and you will come out the other side wiser, stronger and with more of a 'plan'. Saturn is trying to extract your essence. It is much easier to go along with this and actively pursue this path, rather than to fight it.

    Let us know how you are!

    Astro Harmonia x

  20. Feelin it! Days can feel real heavy, or light and completely airy....Had a run in with the law on a bout of my feeling invincible and rebellious....turned out okay - considered it a witch's storm that helped me see things in a perspective I was starting to feel above.
    looking for love - though not actively perusing anything as I am a patient dreamer, who refuses to take relationships lightly and would rather be single than not have the fairy tale. But, yes, I am feeling the need for this dream lover to manifest.
    Feeling as if I have no sort of grounding or focus to my plans. Many great opportunities surround me, but I lack focus and motivation....leading me to guilt and worry for timelines.
    Overall - I have decided to give up on a 9-5 "career" at this time, to pursue a more rewarding life. I plan to travel abroad to New Zealand in the fall where I will continue my education in permaculture and sustainability, I am starting a non-profit with some sisters of mine in the community to help low income Women learn how to grow organic food for their families in an urban setting, and I'm really diggin all of this....but again, with so much goin on, so many desires growing stronger, and my foggy head right in the mix of it.....I feel a bit uncertain, unclear, and have no idea where to begin....literally at the start of each day.
    Enjoy life, and appreciating what I have before me.....just wish my eyes could see clearer. it's as if I need "life glasses"

  21. Oh, and in addition to my desires growing stronger for a love to enter my life, I also have a huge "womb awakening"....I have known I have always wanted children, but hope if a child is conceived during my Saturn return...that is is for the right I raise it myself or not....yet another out of focus concern of mine in this emotional bouncy ball yr. ; )