May 31, 2012

Times are a changin'
My dear Saturn Returners, we are moving onwards and upwards. As you can probably tell there hasn't been much action on this blog lately, but it is now moving and merging with Love Your Saturn Return. There will be lots more going on there!

So why don't you come on over and leave a comment, or else submit your story - either way let's get the Saturn Return discussion heated up again.

Saturn Return in Libra will be over in October 2012 - that's in just over 4 months! Depending what else is going on in your chart, that will be the end of your dose of Saturn for quite a few years. If you are a Scorpio, however, you will have Saturn going over all of your Scorpio planets when Saturn enters Scorpio in October. Please don't fear it, you are just undergoing an important transformation and will create much more structure in your life so that you have a stronger foundation in order to do what you came here to do.

This blog will be winding down and closing up - so come on over to for more Saturn Return discussions...see you there.

x Harmonia

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November 22, 2010

Saturn Return in Libra - How are you Peeps??

Sepia Rose by Tailgun
Any Saturn Return in Libra initiates out there dying for a place to spill your heart out?

Any stories of woe? Soulmating? Divorce? Angst? Life-changing circumstances? Career craziness?

Everyone survive the Venus Retrograde in Scorpio?

How are you?

September 16, 2010

5 'Below the Surface' Reasons Why You Are Still Single

With Saturn in Libra, those relationships which are not serving both of you at the highest level will fall apart to leave space for something better structured and healthier to come in. Even if that means being by yourself for a while or for however long you need.

The keyword is balance. If you could not achieve this with your partner then you need time without anyone to get back your vital sense of homeostasis. Come back to yourself.

However, those of you who have been single for a long time might be feeling this more now that Saturn is in Libra. You might be analyzing yourself at a deeper level to understand why you cannot seem to find the perfect partner for you.

This of course needs to be looked at in a deeper way than the surface allows. Excuses like 'He chews with his mouth open' or 'There are just no available women in XYZ' just won't do.

5 'Below the Surface' Reasons Why You Are Still Single

1. You have an unconscious fear of commitment and intimacy, which manifests as no-one ever being good enough for you or never being able to find anyone suitable.

2. You don't know yourself well enough yet to know who would be a good match for you. Do you have illusions of grandeur or self-esteem issues? Maybe you're just choosing the wrong partners based on confusion in self. Or you just don't know yourself well enough yet to be able to 'come to the table' in a longterm relationship. You might need to go travelling in Tibet to find out what the shade of grass is. Wherever you go, there you are!

3. You believe in a fairytale relationship with no flaws. But these don't exist.

4. You haven't healed from dysfunctional patterns and habits picked up from your family, childhood environment or past partners and you project these stories onto your partner soon after you start seeing each other.

5. Your parent's suffocatingly bad relationship has given you an unconscious fear of being trapped in that particular relationship hell.

You can overcome all of these! With just a sprinkling of self-honesty in how you relate to others and a willingness to start anew. And Saturn in Libra is the perfect time to do it.

Anyone going through this process of self-discovery?

September 10, 2010

Relationships - Your Work is Clear

In honor of Saturn in Libra, I will continue with my series on love and partnerships.

If you are looking for marriage or relationship advice at the moment, you are certainly not alone. The energies seem to be infused with relationship angst in one way or another at this time - and it's just getting started.

Break-ups, make-ups, perpetual singleness, stagnant marriages, boundary issues, frozen voices, silent deadlocks, differing views on commitment and love triangles - we are all feeling it.

Expect things to intensify and talks to deepen with the Venus Retrograde in Scorpio coming up soon. Ex's could reappear, karmic love stories come alive, differences of depth in intimacy become glaring or secrets emerge. It's all or nothing in relationships.

Meanwhile, here are some Saturn in Libra themes - do you fit into any of these?

One of you may want deeper commitment and the other might not. Maybe one person realizes that the relationship isn't right OR they are afraid to go deeper. Don't be afraid to be alone, if you've been together for years and one of you doesn't want to commit, with Saturn here, it's time to view things realistically, assess what you both fundamentally want and then stick by your principles.

If your lives are going in different directions and you want different things, the last resort is to go your separate ways. There is someone out there who wants what you want.

The Unspoken
Is there a gigantic pink elephant in the room? Unspoken truths that don't get discussed? One or both of you is in denial about something and it is eating away at you both.

Maybe this pink elephant is your partner's subconscious mind that they don't know what to do with. They have never learned what to do with it. All their unwanted feelings, which aren't 'nice' and they can't deal with, are stuffed down, hidden but you still have to deal with them. You have to feel for them. They don't go away, they aren't talked about, so they just float around the house like a ghost, like a third person waiting to be recognized and fed.

This energetic dance is like a slow death for those of you who crave deeper intimacy and can be worked through by honest discussion, preferably now before one of you snaps.

Relationships as a Mirror
Are you prepared to participate in the age old dance of seeing yourself through the eyes of another?

Relationships allow us to grow by understanding ourselves at a deeper level through mirroring the other. This can introduce real change and growth to your life. Others have the ability to transform you and vice versa.

When you start to do the real work, you will stop eternally dating the wrong people who don't nourish you. By experiencing yourself through another, you burn out a pattern of relating that you have inherited or created. One day you will say, 'No More, I won't accept your behaviour or mine any longer'.

If you stop doing something yourself which you don't like, you will stop receiving it from others. Whenever you want to make that decision is up to you. Sometimes you need a real nasty to come along to "pop your pimple" and excavate your hidden behaviour permanently or to show you quite explicitly how you are attracting that energy.

Can anyone relate to any of these situations?

August 20, 2010

Meditations on Marriage During Saturn in Libra

Marriage. The Topic du Jour lately for everyone due to Saturn's entry into Libra, but especially if you have just finished your Saturn Return in Virgo or are just embarking on your Saturn Return in Libra and between 27 and 33.

All your friends are doing it. Maybe you've taken the leap already, or are busy thinking about it - or the lack of it - but the topic is undeniably hovering in the airwaves like a UFO.

Your second Saturn Return is an important time of karmic love relationships too. That doesn't mean it's forever though. You know those soulmate types you can't live with, can't live without - who, in retrospect, you realise have taught you bunches of lessons cloaked in a flurry of drama, but you are just terribly wrong for each other in the long term.

These usually happen just before a new era, healthy love relationship.

In the next three years as Saturn moves through Libra, everyone will be affected at some level.

Relationships need to be consciously defined.

To marry or not to marry. To marry or to separate. To stay together, but unmarried. To wondering why you are not married yet and the intense need for coupling.

If you are having your Saturn Return, you can't help but notice that many of your friends around age 30 are getting married or have strong urges to get married. You might have dated bad boys and emotional vampires in your 20's but now you start to crave more stability and less mind games.

You might shock yourself by becoming "tamed" when you meet the right person and suddenly understand the nature of true unconditional love.

Is your mind now focussed on the future and what it holds?

Getting Things Right
If your relationship has been out of balance, now is the time to put things right. You may need to speak up and voice your concerns instead of merely placating the other with a flimsy bandaid. If you are not authentic in your relationship, it hurts both parties.

Do you need to shift chores or responsibilities to gain more equality? Do you need to tell the other person where you feel like you are getting the short end of the stick? It can only be better when both of you are operating from a place of honesty and authenticity, otherwise it could feel like you are two robots having a relationship.

Let's call you Wall-e and Eva.

If you are in search of greater intimacy, greater depth in your relationship and an emotional investment in the future, this might feel unfulfilling on a soul level.

Now that Saturn is in Libra, all those relationships which are going nowhere will most definately be given the final heave-ho. A classic make or break time.

Or you could be on the right track, but need to balance or sort a few things out before taking the plunge into greater commitment in some way.

Modern Marriage
What does marriage mean for you? What is your motivation in getting married?

Do you want the dream wedding and for your mother to get off your back already or do you want the actual realities of marriage?

Do you want to keep up with the Jones's or do you want to invest emotionally and financially in your partnership, shifting your orientation in life towards greater responsibility, creating a beautiful array of alchemical change in your life?

To have children?

If your relationship is not balanced at the moment, then a wedding or a child will not fix that. Only you and your partner can, and Saturn implores you to do so.

If you have been in a going-nowhere relationship for five years, hoping one day he will pop the question, are you being realistic? Saturn in Libra time, is time to see the writing on the wall. Time to be realistic about what you both want. Time to value yourself more and what you have to contribute to a committed partnership.

You might realise that you want different things and to get those things, you have to make a hard decision.

This works both ways and if your partner is urging you to get married and you are fighting it, they have every right to tell you what they want.

This reminds me of Beyonce's song "Single Ladies"- if you like it then you should have put a ring on it. Have a listen!

Commitment Phobia
You could be feeling this pressure to marry but you or your man have commitment issues. The thought of being bonded to one person makes you perspire subtly and you are busy plotting escape plans in your head...just in case. This could be conscious or unconscious too.

If you keep finding things that are wrong in the relationship and then the next day kick yourself for being so petty, you could be suffering from a form of unconscious commitment phobia.

If you got married, all other possibilities and opportunities in the future would be off the table and this could seem like a restriction of your soul. Either it's not time for you to get married yet - or ever - or you could realise that this is not a death sentence, it's a partnership which strengthens both of you.

Viewing it this way gives you a one-way ticket to adulthood.

I for one believe in the beauty and romance of marriage, when it is well-considered. However, I also believe that you should be able to make your own rules that work for both of you and that people change over time.

As long as you are both on the same page and committed to the relationship, then it will continue.

Stagnant situations are not good for the soul.

I just read a great book about deliberating over whether to get married or not, called Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage by Elizabeth Gilbert - the same author of Eat, Pray, Love.

Gilbert talks about the history of marriage and what the motivations for getting married were throughout the ages. Does it benefit both partners? What are the things you sacrifice? From romance to convenience to duty, she provides a stimulating discussion of the topic, eventually at the end deciding to take the plunge for the second time and marry her Brazilian lover.

I recommend it highly if you are considering marriage.


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July 21, 2010

Huge Energy Shift as Saturn Enters Libra

A new era has officially begun.

Saturn has just entered Libra for the long haul until 2012.

This is a major paradigm shift and you should be able to feel the energy change. I have been feeling the energy shift for the last week and a half already. Things feel different and a whole new bunch of issues have intensified.

All of those with Saturn in Virgo have OFFICIALLY finished their Saturn Returns. Well done Cosmic Graduate! It has been a long road.

Now the trick is to not forget what you've learnt during Saturn in Virgo while leaping forward into this new energy.

The following guide is for everyone but even more so for those undergoing their Saturn Return at the moment with Saturn in Libra in your natal chart.

Relationships and The Other
Saturn in Libra provides an excellent opportunity for us to focus on our relationships and see whether adjustments can be made so that they become more satisfying. It’s a good time to reflect and ask ourselves questions such as: Are my relationships fulfilling? Am I being authentic? Is my partner? Are my friends? Does my partner accept me for who I really am and vice versa? Are my relationships balanced and fair?

The way that you relate with others and who you relate with, will be placed under a microscope in order to assess the basic structure of your personal community.

Saturn in Libra is the perfect time to realistically assess your relationship and see whether it has a future or not. You might have a strong urge to structure it more formally, such as getting married and require conscious decisions from both of you as to where it is going. One or both of you will want to set some longterm goals.

If the relationship is unfairly restricting you, limiting you or not honouring your true self, you might decide to bust out, or if you stick your ostrich head in the sand, your partner might do it for you.

In fact, this energy is extremely strong right now, as Saturn has just entered Libra again. The flaws in your relationship are strongly accented. Make a wise, conscious choice whether to start a fresh paradigm in a stale relationship or move on.

You and your partner need to be fully present and honest to make things work. You cannot go on being a people pleaser anymore.

Speak up! Assert yourself! Robots aren't very good at real relationships.

Mating, Dating and Relating
If you've been messing about for the last umpteen years in unsuitable relationships with no futures, Saturn in Libra could just very well see you get involved in a serious relationship with the loveliest person you could dream of.

Before you get to this point though, you will have to GET REAL about who you are and about what mask you show the other. Take the mask off and attract a partner who is right for you.

When Saturn drops a "relationship assignment" in your path, it will take work to keep the relationship going.

It can't just exist on champagne, dreams and dancing shoes. The effort that you both put in to compromise, balance and authenticity will allow you to mould a beautiful, life-affirming relationship for the two individuals involved in this adventure.

How can you both be content at the deepest level if you don't know who the other really person is? You might need to drop your defences and bare your soul. Shake off the toxic facade of old-paradigm set-ups and be your real self. If your partner cannot handle it, maybe they are not right for you.

If you cannot work with others, you might come under considerable difficulty at work. This is not a good time for the boss who wants everyone to work separately and then throw your efforts into the pot at the end. You will need to brainstorm together from the start and help each other along the way. You will fuel each others' fire this way.

Justice, fairness and equality will prevail. Your business partnership will require integrity and mutual values in order to flourish.

What House is Saturn Transiting?
Go to if you want to see where Saturn is transiting in your chart. This sets the stage for the issues that you are working through with this energy. What are your fears related to that house and how can you work through these in a systematic, committed way without running away from them? Saturn wants you to face your fears and face your lessons.

There are plenty of links on the internet describing Saturn transiting the various houses, but here is a quickie article with keywords to get you started.

Saturn in Libra Meta Themes
Sugar - Curing or avoiding diabetes, eating less sugar, losing weight, blood-sugar levels.
Beauty - New beauty regimes, strict beauty regimes, skincare, clear complexions, a cohesive style, elegance, classic beauty, posture, manners.
Cosmetics - Glamorous and exacting 40's styles with the chignon to match, natural cosmetics, fighting against the cosmetics companies for healthier options, making a renewed effort.
Plastic Surgery - The reality of ageing, undergoing plastic surgery, regretting too much plastic surgery.
Relationships - Marriage, structured and honourable commitments, authenticity, intimacy vs toxic charades, balance in relationships, sharing finances, setting healthy boundaries.

Are you ready for the lovely work ahead?

p.s. I found these great Saturn in Libra Forecasts from astrologer D.K. Brainard that you might want to get. I just bought myself one. No, I get no kick-backs from this!